Why I Love Minimalism

For a long time I was fascinated by the idea of minimalism. One might think it’s scary not to own so much, but it actually takes so much worries away from you. Growing up I learned from my parents that everything has a value and you should not easily throw away things. Of course this is so true, but that also shouldn’t mean that you need to purchase too many things and then keep them forever and clutter your home with stuff.

My parents grew up right after the war and they didn’t have much to eat, clothes or toys growing up. I think therefore they always wanted to make sure their own children wouldn’t have to feel the same way growing up. So we always had plenty of everything. Maybe this way we didn’t value material things or food as much as our parents did, when they were young.

So as I became a young adult I started kind of boycott materials things at all. I only wanted to wear cheap second hand clothes and I even walked around barefoot for a while as a teenager.

Today I’m very grateful to be able to buy warm cloth, healthy food and live in a warm, safe home.

Today I’m very grateful to be able to buy warm cloth, healthy food and live in a warm, safe home. I know now that this is not guaranteed for every human or child and I feel blessed for everything I have. But for me today this understanding also means that I want to value small things and not buy more as I need. I have a very minimalistic wardrobe, I think my three year old nephew owns more shoes than me. And I love it this way. I love to travel light and that I don’t need to worry about all my things.

I love to grow my own food and buy only as much food as I actually want to eat. Seeing the value in food is also so beautiful to me. I love to see our own tomatoes grow and realize how much time and patience it takes to produce food. It you’re in a supermarket and just throw everything in your shopping cart, you can forget this easily.

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